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We're building tools to fundamentally improve how you understand, interact with and learn from the law.


Move beyond rudimentary free-text keyword search to quickly and intuitively find relevant legal information.


Reveal deep relationships between legal documents with advanced interactivity; get real-time answers to fact-specific legal questions; and more.


Discover meaningful patterns and statistics about legal information to enhance your legal advice and litigation strategies.


A new way to search, understand and analyse the law: visualise the relationships between cases, legislation, and concepts to gain new insights into the legal corpus.


Atana’s first release is Austax.

Australian taxation law is among the most complex areas of law that legal and accounting practitioners encounter. The tax law landscape includes advanced, interrelated legislation, case law from multiple jurisdictions, and numerous types of determinations and rulings published by the Australian Tax Office. Atana’s Austax helps you by tackling a large part of this complex network: ATO rulings, determinations, and decisions, including its Register of Private Binding Rulings.


Our beliefs and mission

The law is often presented as unstructured, mysterious prose. We believe this does a disservice to the law and to those that work with it, to those who rely on it, and to those to which it applies. We believe there is a better way to understand, use and apply the law.

Our mission is to provide structure to the law. To do this, we are building advanced databases to create a clearly structured data set of legal information. The result is legal information that is both easier to use and more insightful, through enhanced search, maximum interactivity, advanced analytics, and visualisation.


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